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Track 01a Jam

© The Plutonians - 03/19/10

This is Part A of a 30 minute space jam. This tune just kept mutating and we found several unique grooves within the simple structure.

Free mp3 Download: Track 01a Jam

Download Track 01 (part a) movie here: Track 01a Jam Movie


Go see DIY Guitar Tone on YouTube:

Track 01b Jam

© The Plutonians - 03/19/10

This is Part B of a 30 minute space jam. As this tune evolved, we just kept changing the theme and we followed the planetary mutants to the conclusion that the planet Pluto should be downgraded to ROCK! They knew...

Free mp3 Download: Track 01b Jam

Download Track 01 (part b) movie here: Track 01b Jam Movie


Track 01a & 01b Listener Reviews

I just listened to a little bit of that stuff. It is very much what I would call "progressive stoner jam rock"! Ha! I would think there is a market for sure of people who love that type of music. The guitar tones sound really good. Nice singing highs etc.

You guys should make it a goal to record some instrumental or vocal stuff, get a myspace page going etc. and see if you can build a bit of an underground following. Especially with Scott's ability to put together all this cool video stuff etc. You could make some weird videos etc. and people would probably check back from time to time to see new things. Be a "internet only" band. Stream live jams of practices etc.

I thought the recording sounded so good at first that I thought it was just an intro by some other band or something just playing over the credits. I kept advancing it only to find out I was listening to you guys! That's pretty damned cool. It would be good music to show people snow boarding to etc.

Tim W. from Cleveland

Thanks for the review Tim! "Progressive stoner jam rock" indeed... Hmmm...

Little Smiles

© Michael Baughman - 03/19/10

This free mp3 download is more for Michael's reference as we explore what the final version will be. It seems that M. Scott inserted himself in the mix and inadvertantly helped translate the melody, which Michael will use to re-construct the vocal part in a similar manner. This is proof that Scott has no clue what's happening, he's just playing in the moment.

You see... Since the beginning of our little entity called "The Plutonians," we (Michael & M. Scott) have connected musically in such a way that we can't really explain. We have expressed this connection over the years, and as we reconnect again after 20-something years, have found the exact same connection to still exist. In a way it seems strange, however, experiencing it personally is way cool!

Free mp3 Download: Little Smiles Mix 03-20-10 (long ending)
This version has the full trailing instrumental, so we know what was there.

Free mp3 Download: Little Smiles Mix 03-20-10 (short ending)
This shortened version seems to produce the essence of "creating a longing desire for it to continue." It leaves me with a longing to listen again...

(Songwriting Tip: Intentionally write your songs to contain this element of creating a longing for more.)

Track 01 Jam

© The Plutonians - 03/19/10

This file is the entire 30-something minute jam... We're taking the "best-of" parts and posting the shorter parts of the file. These parts are the best of the entire jam, and are about 6 minutes long each. M. Scott is monkeying around to create video files for them using a cool visualization software. Warning... Very large file size for the movie (.wmv) files.

Free mp3 Download: Track 01 Entire Jam


EGA Spontaneous Jam

© The Plutonians - 03/20/10

Free mp3 Download: EGA Spontaneous Jam

We did this spontaneously the morning of March 20, 2010. M. Scott just started jamming on EGAG and Mark followed on the bass - Eric hopped right in and He and Mark took over the Groove. Michael strapped on his strat, looked over at Mark who mouthed, "EGA." Michael kinda shrugged, grinned a bit and started finding the rhythm... About twelve minutes later we were done. None of us had ever played that specific thing before... Which is why we call it a spontaneous jam. [doh!]

We had more fun making this free MP3 download than should be allowed by LAW!

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