Free mp3 Downloads January 2010

Free mp3 Downloads | January 2010

The Plutonians assembled in January, 2010 at (ironically) Advance Components warehouse. Attending were Michael Baughman - Guitar, Mark Baughman - Bass, Eric Z. - Drums, and M. Scott Worthington - Guitar.

This is the first time this group of people has ever played together, so we just jammed out. Mike and Mark brought some basic arrangements to the table and we pretty much just went for it. Not perfect, but who cares. If you don't like it, just delete it. After all it was a free mp3 download.

Here's the free mp3 files to download:

Ties That Bind

EDAG #4 (Not Named Yet)

Leave It All Behind

Extra EDAG Versions




Our Recording Process

We stuck 2 large-diaphragm condenser mics about 6' high in the space we jammed in. They were about 10' apart and about 20' away from the gear. Unfortunately, Mike's cabinet was turned at a slight angle away from the mics, so he is less loud than the rest. When I 'shut-the-hell-up' you can hear him pretty well.

We learned from this first session, and will be working on a better recording of the live stuff. We also took video of the session. I'm gonna post those on youtube to drive more traffic there. The hope is to create some kind of a 'buzz' so we can migrate to doing some kind of jam-band underground rawk shows. heh.

Note: The free Underground Music video files are being edited and uploaded as fast as I can get to them. Click and get your Free Underground Music Videos