Guitar Jam Tracks Part 1

Guitar Jam Tracks Part 1

Guitar Jam Tracks Help Learn Layering

Free mp3 download: Track 5a (w/layering) Yesterday, I started a 5-day guitar playing intensive to be prepared for The Plutonians next meeting on May 20, 2010. I was browsing through my guitar jam tracks folder and came across this simple progression in G minor. It lended itself well to fairly simple use of the G minor pentatonic scale pattern. So, I tried something that I hadn't done before.

Blind Layering

Using the simplicity of Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro, I imported this jamtrack file into the first track, armed the second track and started recording simple, clean guitar parts. I ended up with 5 individual guitar parts that all stood on their own as "working within the context of the basic mix."

I am calling this section "blind layering" because when I finished with each part, I drug it to a separate "muted" track, and progressed through with what I learned from the previous take(s). By the time I was finished, I had 5 usable tracks, each unique in that there were several parts that I repeated, but always with a slightly different feel, timing, and emphasis.

For the mixdown, Tracks were hard-panned to their positions and levels were set fairly low. Not much time was spent on the mix before I hit the tools-mixdown link. Hope you enjoy. Sign in and add a comment if you like.

Additional Mixes

Re-visiting this one, I played a different key structure. Being somewhere around the key of G - I browsed around the notes a bit and found an interesting pattern unfold. (G-A-B-C-D-E) The notes F and F# didn't seem to fit in well anywhere I used them, so I simply stayed away from those two. NOTE: The F note could be used as a slightly dissonant return to the root tone.

I did a few different mixes, experimenting with various settings on the Voxengo Stereo Touch VST plugin:

Free mp3 download: Track 5a (6-4-10A)

Free mp3 download: Track 5a (6-4-10B)

Free mp3 download: Track 5a (6-4-10C)

Free Jam Track Download: Track 5a (raw jam track)

OK - Give me technology that works real easy and you've got a winner on your hands! That's what I get with my new Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 4.0 studio software.

Synth Jam Track

I started down the learning path this morning (02-27-10), and while going through tutorials and tweaking soft synths I managed to capture the following jam track in G (I think).

Free Jam Track Download: Jam Track in G

I haven't tried to jam to it yet, because it's just too late right now. I have listened through it several times and find it to be acceptable from the standpoint of a random jam track to use as a guitar learning tool. It's my pleasure to make this jam track available as a free music download.

Synth Jam Track Update

I recorded a few tracks in Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro to this Moody Synth jam track in the key of G-minor. I think I used a G minor pentatonic scale with some variations. It's not perfect by any stretch, but I sure had some fun putting it together. There will likely be some new mixes of this tune and many more Jam Tracks to come! I did a version for youtube, too...

Free Jam Track Download: Recorded Jam Track in G

Free Jam Track in E Minor

Best played in the E minor pentatonic pattern, this rocking tune uses E, G, A. It is a simple pattern based loosely on the I-III-IV. While I was editing the file to connect 2 similar loops, I made an edit that turned into the fast stutter in the middle. Listen for it, because it throws the timing off a bit, but really sounds cool!

Free Jam Track Download: Jam Track in E

Seagull Rescue Video

I used part of this tune as the backing track for a video I made of my world famous seagull rescue at the Lighthouse Inn, Rockport TX. The room number is #77. North end, third floor, seaward balcony!

See video here: Seagull Rescue Video