Guitar Jam Tracks Part 3

Guitar Jam Tracks Part 3

Evolution of a guitar jam track

© M. Scott Worthington - July 29, 2010

This started out as a simple loop on my Digitech JamMan looper pedal. It worked ok to just jam with, so I recorded it into Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 2.0 (Yeah, I still use it - it's easy!), trimmed it up to fit, copied it 4 times, and added a volume envelope to control the swell just a bit. 4 loops end to end made the jam track right at 2 minutes in length. I recorded several individual guitar tracks and mixed them down pretty quickly. If you want to hear the BETTER version go to the 7/29 file below.

Free mp3 download: EGAB Scott 07/23/10

07/29/10 - Update: This simple round of 4 basic chords in a very simple rhythm has been my focus over the past week. I did more guitar layering, and discovered a very simple way to build a melody and use the single notes to form harmonizing chords across tracks. There is some interesting panning of one track which causes it to move through the sweet spot very effectively. If you are listening in the sweet spot on your system, or in nice quality headphones - you'll be able to hear it clearly.

Free mp3 download: EGAB Scott 07/29/10 (HarBal applied)

Amazing Guitar Jam Track

Ever heard of Audio Mixing Software? I recently installed Numark ArKaos GrandVJ Video Mixing Software on my home recording studio computer. Not knowing what it did, and being curious, I clicked on the arrow icon next to the word "Dance". What I heard next was simply incredible! Here's the track: ArKaos Dance Original

I decided I really liked this piece, and had NO CLUE what key it was in... I decided to record the audio into Guitar Tracks Pro and see what evolved. First track, cold, I hit record. Using my Fernandes Revolver Pro, after a few measures, I landed on a note that synced up perfectly. It was at the end of a measure, so I anticipated the next note and it hit as well. It's like triangulating a signal or a gun-shot. All I needed was a third note to 'hit' ... Remarkably, a third note sync'd up and I formed the 'box' to start moving around in... I recorded only 3 tracks and mixed it down. Get the track here: ArKaos Demo Dance Jam (07-30-10, mix a, w/HarBal)

Melodic Mellow JamTrack

I found this mellow jam track on the internet a few months ago. I don't even remember where I found it, tho I'm extremely grateful for the chance to play this pattern on my Strat! The clear bell tones sure ring out and are accentuated with a pretty nice reverb effect. I'm using the Classic VST series - found 'em on the net for free!

Free mp3 download: Miami Moonlight (raw jam track)

OK... I had only heard this once before and thought ... "nice" ... So, I was browsing around in the folder and clicked on Miami Moonlight, not knowing what to expect. I recorded 4 tracks back to back. I think I stopped to let the dogs out for a few minutes and answer the phone, but that's life...

This is the result of those 4 tracks, with very little effort put into mixing down... Just a simple pan of the guitar parts; track 1 (left a lil) and track 4 (right a bit). I'll be re-visiting this one after listening to these results for a few days. It is amazing how much you can learn about your playing when you record and listen to it for a while. I'm finding the ability to make better improvisation decisions much faster than I have in the past.

Blah blah... Here's the free mp3 download: Miami Moonlight 08-08-10 (Scott's First Attempt)

(08/11/10) - I dinked around last night with chorus, distortion, and delays. I tweaked the delay to sync up with the tempo and it really made the delayed track[s] step-up-to-the-front. I did another 5 or 6 tracks, can't remember exactly. And I did no mix-down. I'm thinking about hitting it again this evening and refining the parts a bit.

There is a place in the progression that I haven't yet determined the 'best place' to meander, but I know a great note is E-flat with C appearing to be where everything resolves. E-flat D C works beautifully to resolve to the first beat! C-D-Eb-F-G-Bb? Neither note between G and Bb seems to play out well in the melody... What scale is that?

It is most fun to dial up a song I've never really listened to and start playing cold. Figuring out something that works is very rewarding, and adds to the ability.