Hearts Of Stone

Hearts Of Stone

© M. Scott Worthington - 9/27/04

Hearts of stone
Hardened and callous(alone)

You say in your heart
My power and the strength of my hand
Have gotten me this wealth

He led you in the wilderness
To humble you and to test you
To know what was really in your heart
To know if you would obey Him or not

Consider in your heart
Hearts of stone
Can be broken

Note: Song still in work. MSW 01-19-10

And all the people whose heart stirred them up in wisdom
Every man and woman whose heart made them willing

Do not hate your brother in your heart

Sorrow of heart

Know therefore this day and consider it in your heart
That Yahweh He is God in heaven above
And upon the earth beneath
There is none else
Seek Him with all of your heart
Love Him with all your heart
Serve Him with all your heart