New Free Jam Track

New Free Jam Track

Listen to a new free jam track with this free music download! Very [ahem] interesting free styling in this free music download based on a Chusss Loops mix ... thanks Chusss!

A Taste Of The Fire

© M. Scott Worthington - July 2000

Free Music Download

Free Music Download: A Taste of the Fire (01/29/12)

A taste of the fire
A glimpse of your fate
The spell has been broken
And now it's too late

The time has gone by
The world has changed
The word has been spoken
Your mind rearranged

They call you a liar
They try to fill you with hate
Then they hand you a token
To use at the gate

Here's some interesting back-story to this song. I found the Chusss Loop in Em by searching Google to grab a new free jamtrack off the net. As usual, I listened for a way to tweak it a bit and snipped a section from 4 measures of flowing keys. Strategic placement of the snippets and some level balancing helped to build my take of this loop track into a more elaborate sound-scape. That better aligns the shifting nature of the verses.

Essentially, this song is twelve measures sung in order four times. On the fourth pass, the emphasis changes focus directly toward the listener (you). Instead of "they hand you a token to use at the gate," I sing (to you), "Take the token, use it at the gate." The listener is left with a more personal experience, and may not at first realize why. It's because, whatever the token is, you now have a token to use at the gate, and the instruction that it's OK to use it.

Regardless of your fate, you get a taste of the fire... wait! ...and a glimpse of your fate. What? Who wrote this song, anyway?

The Story of Light

Jamtrack Updates

01/29/2012 - On the guitar jam track front over the past couple months, I've been working with Chusss Loops. I found a nice moody, driving track in Em (go figure). I worked it over a bit, adding the minimized section in various areas, giving the song some room to breathe.

Then, I added some guitars with a rough mixdown:

I was looking around for some old lyrics I remembered writing, and when a quick search didn't turn them up, I found the lyric sheet above. I improvised a multitude of times trying to tell a story from the perspective of a very old dragon, living in his lair! The result created the added 'A Story Of Light' mash-up in song format with a rough mixdown. I tried a couple versions of the improvised story-telling-mash-up style:
Story of Light - vocals and guitar (1st version - with guitar)
Story of Light - Vocals Only (2nd version - without guitar)

When I got more serious about playing with my TC Helicon Voicetone Correct and Create boxes, the results got better... Not perfect, just better. I have so much work to do to refine this song. I'm grateful for the Chusss Loop to use as a starting point.

Enjoy the New Free Jam Track files!