Plutonian Headquarters

Plutonian Headquarters

© M. Scott Worthington - 10/28/2012

Plutonian Headquarters - An ethereal auditory tale of Pluto's struggles as a planet, its suffering as a civilization, and the devastating all out global war being inflicted upon them in these dire times.

In this story, The inhabitants of Pluto find themselves under attack after twenty years of peace. The Darkkar Forces have regrouped, strengthened their numbers and armament. Their seemingly innumerable forces are nearing Pluto with one very angry thing in mind... Annihilation!

Let's listen in...

Episode 1 - Present Danger

Episode 2 - Couldn't Get Worse

Episode 3 - Hope Crushed

Episode 4 - Struggle

Episode 5 - Regroup

Episode 6 - Devise Plan

Episode 7 - Our Help In Time Of Need

Episode 8 - Strike Back

Episode 9 - Cliffhanger