Plutonian Jams

Plutonian Jams

E-G Jam

I tooled up to Dallas, McKinney actually, for a weekend and installed a studio setup for Mike Baughman. We had to test the installation (of course) to be sure all the components functioned correctly, and so that Mike could run his new home studio before I bailed on him and returned to the insanity we call real life. Here's the mixed and pseudo-mastered result. There are 4 guitar parts, carefully mixed and some pieces cut and pasted for effect (affect?) ... Best experienced in headphones - enjoy.
Free Download: EG Jam 11-29-09

Plutonians Jam Movie 05/2009

Recorded this "live" in May 2009. This was my first trip to see Mike in twenty plus years. He came down to Austin before I went to McKinney, but that may be less important than the amazing weekend we had converting his lovely living room into a rehearsal and home studio space.

Thinking ahead, I set up my little digital camcorder and hit record. You'll notice that little care was taken to get a great video recording. The main thing was to preserve something of the dynamic that happens when Mike and I get together. Back in the day, we used to describe it as 'magic,' and I think we still could.

More evidence that this was a "set-it-and-forget-it" moment is revealed by Bob placing his own hand on his butt-cheek for me to post on the internet. Ha ha PRICELESS! Thanks BOB!

Mike Baughman - Guitar
Mark Baughman - Bass
M. Scott Worthington - Guitar
Bob Mahlstedt - Encouragement

Lost Files Plutonians Jam

We didn't think this was recorded, and had a good laugh at the end of this video. I'm glad we found this Lost File! Look at 1:30 for my friend Raph to show his face!

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