Plutonians Doubles 1982

Plutonians Doubles 1982

The purpose of this session was to blaze through the set a couple times and to refine some songs by repeating them. These songs reflect the overall mission of our group, which was to "be tight."

  1. I Want You

    © The Plutonians - 09/25/1982

    Written by Michael Thibodeau
    Michael Thibodeau - Drums, lead vocal
    Michael Baughman - Bass, backing vocal
    M. Scott Worthington - Guitar, backing vocal

    Free mp3 download: I Want You (Stage Mix)

    I did two other mixdowns to experiment with the software tools I have. I'm using three audio applications to do the vast majority of these old cassette tape mixes. Those tools are Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 2.0, Goldwave, and HarBal to get the best mix possible. HarBal is a great tool for working with archive files that come from old tapes. I can get better overall balance easier than using a graphic EQ, or a parametric EQ. Much faster results, and very musical output.

    All that to say this... feel free to download these free mp3's, too:
    Free mp3 download: I Want You (Delay Mix)
    Free mp3 download: I Want You (Very Close Mix)