Strong Love

Strong Love

© M. Scott Worthington - 1983

I listen to the rhyme when you speak to me
I dream about the time when you will walk with me
I feel a strong love for you

Sit all day and I think of you with nothing to do
Head in my hands trying to think of plans got to get through to you
On the telephone again to you
Rings and rings and rings I'm trying to get through

I feel you in the night when you dream of me
I taste your lips on mine you're such a dream to me

One more time I'm calling you with something to do
Phone in my handsI really made some plans to go dancing with you
You answer the phone I'm talking to you
You think it's really nice and you want to go I'm dying to see you

I see into your mind when you look at me
I smell the scent of love you are so near to me
I feel a strong love for you