© M. Scott Worthington - 2009

Summer ... Sum-summer ... That's it! Listen to "Summer" now, you'll love it.:
Free Download: Summer

Ironically (or not) I did Summer last summer (2009). I was tooling around on the internet not directly burning any fossil fuels, when I found a really long sampling of some soft-synth-sampler thingy's amazing sounds. I listened with interest and had an idea. [ding - salivate]

This very long sample had a few really cool components, so I copied the file. Looked like public domain to me. Then I used a free drum synth stand-alone application and programmed 2 patterns that ended up working well together. It has that old '80s feel, which was (and still is) pretty cool sounding, at least for older technology fake drum sounds.

I digress... I recorded the drum parts into Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro manually, because there's no way to save the drum part without purchasing the application. The mix worked OK, so I imported the big sample file into the pre-determined time signature for the project. There's enough information in that little sentence to cover a series of how-to articles! Then, I started cutting my favorite segments of the big sample file and placed them generally in order to make up a few measures. Cool so far.

I believe I understand the term "mashing-up" now... I cut and pasted the parts, placed the 2 vocal parts consisting of the word 'summer' spoken by a female (with a sexy voice), and the word 'summer' with a great trailing effect. I cut, pasted, adjusted starting points of clips, pasted, moved, had accidents, performed "undo" a lot... and... saved my project a lot. One of the accidents turned into "sum-summer," which I liked and kept it in. Copy and paste a few times for a change and viola!

Listen to "Summer" now, you'll love it.