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January 22, 2010

The Plutonians arranged a first-time jam and proceeded to record and video the session. This is the first of many Underground Free Music productions!


  1. Leave It All Behind

    © Michael Baughman - Jan 2010

    This was one of the Plutonian jam songs performed in the Advance Components warehouse. Unfortunately, YouTube.com has a 10 minute limit, so, I'll have to trim out the bad parts (there are a few), but that's another process altogether...

    Free Underground Video Download - Leave It All Behind

  2. Leave It All Behind - The Lost Files

    This file was lost for a while and then found as I was doing my audio and video edits. This one goes in the archives because it wasn't captured on the PC. I think the record levels weren't adequate and we had to delete the audio file. I did the best I could mixing and mastering this audio, so this really is an underground music video. Enjoy the space scenes. I'm learning a new program, and this video uses the demo version of the program. Listen to "Leave It All Behind" by The Plutonians.

  3. EDAG - Take #1

    This is the first of four jam tunes we played in the structure of E-G-A-D with various changes. We improvise from intro to ending while working through a jam song, so every take is structurally different while being created over the same basic scale mode pattern.

    Oftentimes, as you will hear in the similarly named jam tunes, we improvise outside the bounds of the particular scale mode which creates a completely new sound-scape. Some might call those variations a mistake, however, we prefer to call it 'experimentation in our chosen medium of expression.' [lol]

  4. EDAG - Take #2

    We need to name this jam band song! I thought about eDaggers. Not sure what Mike is thinking of calling it... This recording came out pretty clear after we got the basic settings right. We set up two large condenser mics in the middle of the shipping area of the warehouse. Did I mention there was some cold beers in the fridge? Great after-hours extra-curricular activity. Have a listen and tell your friends.

  5. EDAG - Take #3

    This jam band song is take three out of four in the E - D - A - G jam structure. I finished editing the video on 2/6/10 ... This is the last video I have to post in this Plutonians Underground Music series. This version is the best in this series, in my opinion... enjoy this free music video brought to by The Plutonians. Download the FREE mp3.

  6. EDAG - Take #4

    I remember the uplifting emotional experience when we ended this song! Boom! Tight ending, great session! Here it is - the first video I completed editing for this underground music project:

  7. Ties That Bind

    © Michael Baughman - 01/2010

    This is our first attempt at any jam together as this group of musicians. As we were getting used to how each other played our instruments, we learned that we can gel and jam together pretty effectively!

    The best thing about this jam happens when we find ourselves sliding out of sync... Mark (Bass) and Eric (Drums) were able to re-sync a few times. In this song, our little jam band didn't have a set format, which makes it easy to lose our place... We all spaced out and they got it back on track a couple of times - great work!

Enjoy The Plutonians free mp3 downloads!