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WISYLO Mix 1 is a free house beats mix using Mackie Tracktion 3. It consists of 3 tracks mixed at different times, and building on with the next. Mixing the tracks into one involved shifting the tracks in time to sync up the end and beginning of each mix, matching the levels in the cross-fade, and so on...

The ending is a simple twist. I pulled an interesting section, repeated it 5 times, allowed for 2 delay beats, and put the original end on the new end. I also used extensive delays to provide the odd syncopation. The intent is to create kind of a cluttered melody that the mind wants to resolve... and then resolving it in the end.

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What is WI-SYLO?

At first, WISYLO appears to be just a strange jumble of letters.
Not So...

When I See Your Light On

© M. Scott Worthington 03/01/2012

When I see your light on
I can put the records on
And we can dance dance dance
Dance all night long

In my mind
You're already mine
Why we sigh
We sigh low
So low
We sigh low

Band Name: WI SYLO

Album Title: Interpretations
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