80s Songs - New Year's Eve 1981

Plutonians Live New Year's Eve Party

Plutonians gig flyer Plutonian music Live in Dallas, Texas 12/31/1981 - © The Plutonians 1981

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80s Songs - Free mp3 downloads:
01 - Hey Were On Tonight  (lyrics)
02 - Jealous  (lyrics)
03 - Symmetrize The Nation  (lyrics)
04 - Frustrations  (lyrics)
05 - Cranial Corruption  (lyrics)
06 - We Should Get A Better Look  (lyrics)
07 - Dimensions In Time  (lyrics)
08 - Primitive  (lyrics)
09 - Vast Chambers  (lyrics)
10 - Crystal Light  (lyrics)
11 - Paranoid   . . . [Click here for "Auditions" version]
12 - Going Away  (lyrics)
13 - Cast No Shadow 'Thin Man'  (lyrics)
14 - Turning Japanese  (The Vapors)  (lyrics)
15 - Dream Girl  (lyrics)
16 - Volcanic Heart  (lyrics)
17 - Right For The Time  (lyrics)

Blog Posts

  1. (10-12-10) . . . Uploaded The Plutonians New Years Eve Live (Cheese Factory) entire set to Soundcloud.

    New Years Eve 1981 - Live Set by Plutonians

  2. (09-04-10) . . . Finally got the rest of the set posted. I had some difficulty getting #14 Turning Japanese to have the punch it deserves. I had to tame the obnoxious snarl of Scott's guitar that was captured by the cassette recorder... We did band introductions before this one, too... Deciding if it is best to just keep those in this clip. Mike and I agreed to keep it as a single clip.
  3. OK... I'm getting closer to having this entire tape re-mastered. I have some songs sitting on my 8GB stick hanging out d'side of my monitor at work. Can't do anything with them ... now, can I? Sooo... more to come...
  4. More songs have been re-mastered using the same methods (Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro, Har-Bal, Goldwave) as all the other songs we have taken from the old tapes! I'm starting to get a feel for what works well, including splitting a stereo mixdown to 2 mono tracks, applying delays and other effects, potting those down and panning them about 30-40% left and right respectively. Some of the recently re-mastered songs are Cast No Shadow, Cranial Corruption, and We Should Get A Better Look.
  5. We're trying to round up a copy of another tape from Swissconsin where we jammed on some new stuff... I really hope we get our hands on that Plutonians Jam Music!