Dream Girl

Dream Girl
© Michael Baughman - 1980
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The girl on the cover of the magazine
She's what I want she's my dream
She's a fashion model
A real beauty queen
The perfect face and body
You know what I mean

She's my dream girl...

When I go to sleep at night
It's my chance to hold her real tight
I fall asleep as fast as I can
Then all night long
I'm her man

I see her at the movies
I see her on TV
I see her everywhere
But she never sees me


Someday I know that we'll meet
And I'm gonna sweep her off her feet
We'll be as happy as can be
My dream girl and me


B-G-D-A Verse (4 count)
B-G-D-A Chorus (8 count)
B-C-G-D / B-C-G-A "break"
D-B "end"