Carrier Of The Key

Carrier Of The Key

© M. Scott Worthington - May, 1984

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A silent man is on the street
His cloak pulled round him tight
The chill of night is at his feet
He walks into the light

He feels my stare and he turns around
He looks into my eyes
He makes me drop and I lose my breath
Or so I realize

I bilnk my eyes and wipe my brow
Is that a man I see
I shake it off and look again
He's the carrier of the key

The man turns to the darkness
And steps into the night
He knows I'm here he turns again
His eyes are filled with light

My mind goes blank without a care
I'm empty as can be
He lets me go I stand and stare
At the carrier of the key

The knowledge of the world is his to hold
To guard it with his life
He's got his hand wrapped around it tight
He's got the secret of life
He's got the wisdom of the universe
How the stars light up and the planets go round
And round and round and round and round
And round and round and round ...

The guardian of another world
He will take us there in time
I'll give my life and follow him
He's given me the sign

My love for him is unsurpassed
I'm happy as can be
He shares the love of the universe
He's the carrier of the key