Love You Tenderly

Love You Tenderly

© M. Scott Worthington - January 21, 1993

I don't know when I've ever been so happy in my life
Standing tall and proudly claiming you to be my wife
Sadness comes and sadness goes but one thing remains clear
When I need some care and comfort you are always here

Life's so hard and moves so fast that we take it day by day
Watching as our children grow and guiding them on their way
When hurts abound and I can't seem to let go of my fear
It seems to me like such a good thing when I think about you dear

And I'm thankful for the life I have
God has given you to me
So I will cherish you with all my heart
And love you tenderly

Looking back on what we've shared I would only change one thing
Admiring you for who you are these praises I would sing
Standing by your ups and downs softly holding you so near
I will listen to you earnestly and comfort you sincere