Line Rider

Line Rider

© M. Scott Worthington - May 1979

Have you got a line rider on your tail
Well that's gonna be how it goes
You can see 'em coming up beside you
In your mirror on the road

You know what you're seeing in the mirror
Is really right next to you
So you know you better move on over
Let the fool barrel on through

You don't know where he's been
You don't know where he's goin too
You see him blazing past you
You smell his exhaust too
He don't really care what you say or do

Just don't let him get in your way
Cuz you're a line rider too
Just like me you're one too

Everywhere they're gettin in front of you
In the long gas lines you'll be sittin
Thinking of a place far away
Where you don't have to be in a long long line
And you don't have to see

A line rider

As I (msw) was typing this song here, I re-wrote it a bit. This was written in Dallas late 70s when Cadillac was king! [lol]