I Really Want To Know

I Really Want To Know

© M. Scott Worthington - 12/01/04

"Daddy, Who is God?"
I'm glad you asked me that question
And I believe I have the answer
Let's go outside and look around
What is it that you see?

"Daddy (laughing), I see all this stuff."
You see the fence, the yard and the tree
You see our dog, that bird and even me
You see the sun shining in the sky
You see the clouds in the air floating by

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth
He placed the sun, the moon and even the stars right where they are
He made all of the animals He made you and me He even knows who we are
He knows that we are here and He knows that you are asking about who He is

"Daddy, Who is God?"
Just look around
"I Really want to know."
Just look around and you will know
You will know God

"But, Daddy, If that's God then who is Jesus?"
Oh, my child I'm so glad that you want to know
And I believe I can tell you so
Come close to me and let's sit down
Who do you think that Jesus is?

"I don't know Daddy please tell me."

Now listen carefully so you'll understand
How many fingers do you have on one hand

"Five" Good

The first finger is Heaven where God lives
The second is the darkness of our sin
The third is the blood That Jesus shed
The fourth completely cleansed and sin is dead
The fifth is how we respond to Jesus and the gift He gave

I really want to know
Jesus came to claim you
I really want to know
Jesus came to show you His love
I really want to know
Jesus came to walk with you
I really want to know
Jesus came from Heaven above
He came to take you home
I really want to know