Symmetrize The Nation

Symmetrize The Nation

© M. Scott Worthington - January 18, 1980

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They reside in the netherworld
A seemingly disdainful world
A controlling class of rich men
Secretly assemble their commandery

Supercilious are their discussions
Of never ending duration

A man of power speaks out in attempt to
Symmetrize the nation
"This plutocracy must arrogate the nimbus!"

He received nods of approval
From the men of netherworld
"How can we obtain this nimbus?"
A bleak man shouted from the floor

We must pillage and steal
From behind the commoners door
And make the people feel
They can't take it any more
The more they make the better the take
The more they give the better we live

Symmetrize the nation

The netherworld is ever sinking
Hoping and searching for the light
The everlasting nimbus in the night
Seems to me it's an endless plight
To try to grasp on to the light