Hit The Road Runnin

Hit The Road Runnin

© M. Scott Worthington - 07-08-09

05 - Hit The Road Runnin

Hit the road runnin
Don't turn back
Hit it runnin
Get it all together now

[V1, V2]
Life's so hard
Every day
What to do
What to say
Too much pain
Every day
I can't move
I can't stay (so I)


Lookin back
I gotta say
What I did
Every day (was to)

Take life easy take it slow
Roll with the punches when it came to blows (and)

Hit the road runnin

Initial song idea notes:

  • Slow Arena Rock.
  • Harmonies on Hit~ line.
  • Answer back style harmonies on Don't~ line.
  • Bridge goes minimal, maybe strings/chimey guitar/sustain bass notes - builds to final chorus.
  • End with Hit~ line harmony.