Eric Clapton Reviews My CD

Bob...feel free to forward if you like...

Eric Clapton [] wrote:
Here are my comments on your friend's CD after listening to it:
Very good mixing, EQ and panning.  Good level/loudness consistency song to song.  Good noise reduction, but a few audible artifacts (either due to noise reduction and/or compression ?).  Very nice instrument voicing,  Good, enjoyable performances - work on expression (get wild occasionally !!).  Do a million takes if needed, but capture that one awesome lick that defines the song.   Fades need work - use logarithmic fades in/out (or just longer linear fades). Overall nice, clean quality of sound.
Song 1)  Wonderful guitar tone and good performance.  Suggest breaking up the background organ sound a little - add a bit of rhythm or occasional lick to the organ part.
Song 2)  Very nice guitar tone and interesting composition - but could use a bit more body.  Seemed like the extended beginning of a song - through its entirety.   Throw in some sort of well defined bridge or alteration.
Song 3)  Very nice theme. Good keyboard performance.  Liked the guitar sound - but performance was tentative - try more expression occasionally.   Clean guitar performance, but try building to a stronger presence.   Wasn't wild about the synth-sax type sound.  A more realistic sounding sax sample would have sounded awesome in the song.  Either that or a bluesy Hammond organ sound.
Song 4)  Very Pink Floydish - I like it.    Again nice guitar tone, this time with a bit more authority.    The mix sounded a bit "hot" - organ was slightly dominant and could have made more room for the guitar.
Song 5)  Good variety.   Good composition.  This is a good song to feature guitar skills.  Nice transition to e-guitar solo.   I would suggest after the e-guitar solo, when returning to the classic guitar sound, try harmonizing classic guitars on a repetitive theme.  
Overall, very enjoyable - good effort.
- eric