Hey We're On Tonight

Hey We're On Tonight

© M. Scott Worthington - 12/13/1979

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Sitting home in the evening all alone
Preparing to make some music getting stoned
Feelings must be there before you really care
So I'll take my time and make it rhyme
So it seems a verse of poetry is there

Then I'll slowly move my hand
To inform the rest of the band
So that they'll understand
That we're on tonight
Hey we're on tonight

And then I went into a dream all alone
I heard the sound of music Rolling Stones
I felt that I was there and I didn't have a care
It seems the stone was rolling
Down an endless slanted plane
I was looking into darkness
When suddenly I was there
Hey we're on tonight
Hey we're on tonight
    (We've got a show to do)
    (Well whataya waitin around for)
    (Come on man let's get the show on the road)
Hey we're on tonight